Hi, As a sister company of ZG-Designs that has a large base for marketing in Tanzania, ZG Films presents Zanzibar's first high quality Bongo Movie, Glamour produced by Javed Jafferji and Directed by Amitabh Aurora which tells the story of young Zanzibari girl who dreams of becoming a model and her trials and tribulations as she leaves her conservative Muslim home to peruse her glamorous new career in the big city, Dar es salaam.     

Staring one of Tanzania's top models, Eva Issac, and celebrated Tanzania couturier, Mustafa Hassanali, this is the film that will undoubtedly appeal to the masses in a country filled with beauty pageants and where becoming a model is a dream of many - both male and female.Glamour,a Swahili Bongo Film with English subtitles is set to be released across the nation this April.

This fast paced drama filled with comical moments as well as harsh realities, shows the life of a Muslim Zanzibari girl, who from chilhood dreams of becoming a model, posing in front of the mirror and taking pictures of herself at every opportunity.

Sophia battles with her conservative mother who sacraficed all for her daughter, and moves to the big city, Dar es Salaam with the help of her boyfriend against her mother’s wishes. Anxious to get to the top, Sophia is lucky enough to find opportunities with celebrated Tanzanian fashion designer, Mustafa Hassanali and famous Zanzibari photographer, Javed Jafferji.

Once successful, Sophia’s ego allows her to neglect and mistreat those who helped her to the top, and soon she is forced to desperate levels to stay on top. Showing the gritty realities behind the glamourous modelling industry, Glamour teaches us that all that glitters is not gold. 

About Glamour: The Reality Behind Dreams
Directed by Amitabh Aurora
Produced by Javed Jafferji

Glamour: The Reality Behind Dreams is a new era Bongo Movie inspired by Swahili Fashion Week – Tanzania’s premier fashion event and the dirty truth behind the modelling industry. Photographer, and Producer of the film, Javed Jafferji has worked with numerous models over the years, but picked none other than Eva Issac (aka Eva the Diva) to play the main protagonist in the film as he states that “Eva has the best body in the business”.

As a result of the film, Eva has received an offer from Playboy magazine in the US, which she is currently considering, and Glamour: The Reality Behind Dreams, Director, Amitabh Aurora will soon be taking Eva to FICCI – the world’s largest film event held in India in order to promote the film. It is Eva’s hope that she can break into Bollywood cinema as well as the Nollywood industry and beyond, and it has already been proven that this new era Bongo Movie is more than just a stepping stone – it has already been life changing, launching promising acting careers for many. 

Eva has worked regularly for fashion designer and socialite, Mustafa Hassanali, modelling his couture designs, and it is in Glamour: The Reality Behind Dreams where he makes his acting debut. Experienced actress, Mama Mjata also features in the film, and says that shooting glamour was the “very best experience” of her acting career. Glamour also stars none other than Bond Bin Sulieman, James Alistair, Full Tank, Javed Jafferji amongst others. James Alistair, previously unknown on in the Bongo Movie industry has stared in various Hollywood films, showing just how this new era of bongo movies is now attracting filmmakers and actors from around the world. 

Amitabh Aurora who directed the film, is an Indian actor and filmmaker from Mumbai who has come to Tanzania, passionate about improving the quality of filmmaking here, training Tanzanian filmmakers and actors to improve their films to meet the demands of the Tanzanian and international markets. Glamour: The Reality Behind Dreams shows that his hard work and dedication with the ZG Films crew has truly payed off. 

About ZG Films
Glamour: The Reality Behind Dreams is produced by ZG Films - a quality Zanzibar based production house. The company is owned and run by Zanzibari professional photographer and filmmaker, Javed Jafferji, who studied film and photography in United Kingdom. He together with the ZG Films team aim to not only meet and surpass the current standard of filmmaking in Tanzania, but to raise the bar completely, re-inventing the Tanzanian movie scene with new era high quality Bongo Movies. ZG Films has a produced a number of films promoting the islands of Zanzibar along with other documentaries on Sauti za Busara Music Festival, Zanzibar International Film Festival, Swahili Fashion Week, Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief, the Hadza people, and the first 1st Vice President of Zanzibar, Maalim Seif Shariff Hamad. Glamour: The Reality Behind Dreams is their first feature film.

About Javed Jafferji
Javed Jafferji is a Professional Photographer and the Founder and Managing Director of ZG Films. After completing his film and photography studies in the UK, Javed Jafferji became a Paparazzo before returning to his beloved home of Zanzibar over 15 years ago. Since then he has created and published over 40 coffee table books on the beauty and natural splendor of his country and has been nominated by the Africa Almanac as one of the top 100 Africans to promoting Tourism in Africa. He also recently received an award from the Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors for his hard work in promoting Zanzibar as a tourism destination. His company, ZG Films is Zanzibar’s only quality film house, which produces documentaries, promotional films, feature films and more. 
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