To all aspiring models and designers, KINDLY NOTE, Mustafa Hassanali Nor SWAHILI FASHION WEEK is affiliated nor associated in anyways with this SCAM website. PLEASE BEWARE. and DO NOT send the said perpetrator any monies, as he/she is directing all those whom he/she has tricked to our OLD OFFICE ADDRESS. - Mustafa Hassanali
Apperantly, there is a website registered with the link its purpose is for models to pay and join to be part of TeamAR - I just want to clarify- THIS website has nothing to do with me or I am not aware of this. This is a SCAM to get models to pay to work for us - Whoever created this just wants to make money out of the fashion industry!! Models, Inspiring designers - DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! - Ally Rehmtullah.

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