AVIC TOWN Open for Sale

AVIC TOWN   Open for Sale
Dar’s Unique Sample Houses open to public
1. Tanzania’s unique feast of real estate is about to open
AVIC TOWN hits the highest point as the largest high-end villa community of Dar and Tanzania at large.
AVIC TOWN has been built by AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC INTERNATIONAL). AVIC INTERNATIONAL is one of the top 500 companies in the world, with an investment of up to $ 800 million in building low- density and high-end residential infrastructures. There is also a comprehensive modern community (including high- end villa products, business centre, high quality management, perfect entertainment facilities) being built at the project of Kigamboni. Kigamboni has become as the new second city to Dar es Salaam according to the government plan. The launch of the AVIC TOWN project marks the theme of Kigamboni as the second city centre officially formed.
After nearly six months of high intensity of construction, the first phase of infrastructure is already completed. The main gate and Landscape Avenue and sample houses are now been displayed to public.
(The project is expected to be opened in the second week of June this year of which will be the major historic moment. The opening event will mark another major step of AVIC International in Tanzania and a significant and glorious chapter in the history of urban construction for Tanzanians. According to AVIC International, there will be a major unveiling ceremony on the opening day and Tanzania will embrace a unique feast for real estate. Let us look forward to it!
2. Unique quality sample houses blooming throughout Dar
Now AVIC TOWN has entered a new construction stage of the project in order to let their customers have a more reflective understanding of the overall planning and high quality of the house so as to show the  public AVIC’s  building concept. We have built some perfect houses which show the perfect quality and special sample life.
Currently, AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC INTERNATIONAL) has built the sample houses type B, C and D, from high quality materials for building, function layout and space utilization, etc, for it to do a comprehensive public exhibition. We want our customers to experience the city’s quality life in the future.
It will be the unique sample houses for high-end villas of Dar which are now officially opened to the whole city! Welcome to visit the new city and specific arrangements will be done for you!

3. Eight reasons to buy AVIC TOWN (eight main values)
There are eight reasons for you to live in the AVIC TOWN. The town is; The largest community, The most beautiful environment, The most suitable living conditions, The most fashionable design, The most perfect supporting facilities, The top circle of social communication, The most superior property services and The best way of investment.
1. The largest community; is among the total of eight values
AVIC TOWN, with a total construction area of 583 acres and, about 2360000 square metres of which will be developed into five phases and it has the size of 33 international football fields. AVIC TOWN is the largest residential community of Dar and Tanzania at large .Choosing to live here is to choose the largest community of life and meet all of your needs.
2. The most beautiful environment; is also among the total of the eight values
AVIC TOWN located at Kigamboni area has the most beautiful environment. It has been considered as the most excellent city in Dar in terms of infrastructure, urban greening planning, air and water quality and other aspects of life.
 The project complies of the principle of maximizing greening area on the overall planning. There goes a straight majestic landscape Avenue from the main door, which will make you feel as if you’re walking to landscaping photo show.
The internal planning of green of the public areas is also dealt with humanness, as if the house grew out from the grass to let you enjoy the fresh air every day. Choosing to live here is to choose the most beautiful environment.
Other highlights:
Exclusive tourist attractions of AMANI BEACH, the police station has been built specifically for managing the unique community living at AVIC TOWN. It is the only community in Dare es Salaam having the real grass soccer field, golf course, the largest gatehouse in Tanzania. However, it’s also the only community with the highest water tower (bell tower) in the country.
4, Booking countdown & contact
Our project will be officially opened in the second week of June, which means our houses could be sold at open market. Currently, we accept advance booking. The earlier ones to book will enjoy a discount of 1% on the opening day. This discount will be taken back at the end of the opening day.
You will not enjoy any discount if you do not book it now. As time is pressing, pick up the phone to book now if you want to buy your favorite house to enjoy the benefits. A warmly reception is arranged for you! 
VIP hotline: +255 766 189 999 +255 763 500 999
Project website: www.avictown.co.tz
Project E-mail: info@avictown.co.tz
Company Address: G / F, Sea View Apartment, Nr Aga Khan Hospital, Upanga.
Project Address: AVIC TOWN, Somangira- Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam

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