Buying anything online is a tough gig – you’re behind your laptop gazing longingly at potential dream purchases, you never know who is waiting eagerly for your hard earned cash to fall into their pockets.
While there are many legitimate sellers online, there are few but very dangerous fraudulent online sellers that makes online purchases a bit challenging. Popular online fraud includes lotteries and sweepstake scams, dating scams, Nigerian Email scams and money transfer scams but there are many scammers coming up with new methods every day.
But just like on the traditional business arena, there are a few things you should pay good mind to before you head to the proverbial checkout, especially when it comes to important purchases like a car.
When you transact online, who are you buying from is as important as what you buy. The possibility that you’ll be able to give a 100% certain answer to this question is a bit of a myth. But when you are buying a car, for the primary common sense reason of safety, you want to be sure that you are buying from a reputable source. It’s no secret that criminals head up lucrative industries by preying on the naïve, non-net-savvy innocents out there.
Mori Bencus, Country Manager for points out the warning signs for potential fraudulent items for sale on the internet.
Warning Signs
1.Unbelievably low price – scammers always play a con game by putting insanely low price to trap more buyers. When you see these crazy prices you have to trade carefully, think twice before you make any decision and double check the authenticity of the seller. At we have a team that double check the cars posted on our website before they go online.
2.Amazing features/benefits that are too good to be true – on these kind of items scammers try to make you feel so lucky that you have got the best deal in the market but in reality there is no such an item for sale. When you fall in their trap and send them money you will never hear from them again. At we have taken a step to minimize the risk for car buyers by carefully monitoring all the items posted by private sellers before they go online.
3.Seller does not provide adequate information about the product –
4.The other party demand immediate payments before you see/inspect the product. At we have a team that double check the cars posted on our website before they go online.
Safe purchase check list while purchasing cars online takes the security matter very seriously. We have employed a number of resources to ensure safe buying and selling.
Ground operations to take photos and upload cars
Unlike other sites that download photos from other sites on the internet, has a team of staff on the ground assigned to visit showrooms in order to take photos and other details of the cars and upload them on the website. This is to ensure that all the cars on the website are the cars that are in the market for sale.
Examining car listing before going online (private sellers)
For Private Car Sellers who sell vehicles on, there is a team that reviews car listings before it goes live on the website. The team does all that is needed to make sure the cars that goes online pass our standards.
Car details
To aid the buyer to get the right car that he/she is looking for we make sure we provide the CORRECT INFORMATION about the car to help buyer in the selection process. Vital car information such as engine size, fuel type, millage, and transmission.
Fraudulent seller reporting
In the unlikely event that a fraudulent listing has been posted on a buyer can report a fraudulent seller and we will take necessary actions including blocking the seller and working with the authority to track down the fraudulent seller.
It is possible someone with fraudulent intention to masquerade as a buyer therefore we have a mechanism to protect seller against possible fraudulent car buyers.
On we have safe selling tips which tells car sellers how to sell their cars safely on The page advices on matters like sharing personal details, Your account details or any banking information, Any details about your Mobile money Account or phone account, Any details about your transaction and to avoid sharing normal overnight precise street location of the vehicle e.g. Where you park your car, the night life preferences, etc.
Contact Seller Process
When a buyer wants to buy a car through they must register (there is a contact seller form that a buyer has to fill) and the seller will receive the contact details of the buyer. This process is designed to discourage bogus buyers and unlike other websites we don’t put seller’s contact on the open. This process also helps us on the unlikely fraudulent event where we will work with the proper authorities to track down the fraudulent using car buyer’s information that we store on our backup servers.
How to handle inspection and test drive request from buyers
As we have advised on safe buying tips Buyers may ask to inspect the vehicle prior to purchase so they can make sure they're happy with it. To minimize risks in a way that won't put off genuine buyers but a very unattractive to bogus buyers, When a buyer has requested a test drive ask to meet at a neutral location like a police station or shopping centre car park, take someone with you and NEVER let a potential buyer drive your car without you.
About Cheki: is part of One Africa Media which operates Africa’s largest portfolio of online marketplaces, with sites focused on Jobs, Cars, Property and Travel.
The company holds strong lead positions all the markets in which it currently operates, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. In addition, it has a network of operations across a number of other key economies across the continent.
Cheki recognizes that Tanzania is a pivotal market in Africa, one that is advancing rapidly in its use of the Internet to support business and is excited to dive in and be a part of the Internet revolution in Tanzania.
Safe Buying Tips
To help car buyers to buy cars safely on we have safe car buying page which tells buyers what to do when they are connected with the car seller.
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