The Holy month is finally here wapendwa and what other better way to start it kama sio knowing au hata getting ideas za what you are going to wear on this first week. Kuna wengine wanaanza leo na wengine kesho. Here are some outfit ideas unazoweza kuchagua ili kupata something that is modest, respectful na pia that goes with your sense of style.

An all black outfit, hapa kavaa jumpsuit with a black blazer, black cute stud heels and amefunika kichwa na a black hijab..absolutely stunning.

 Wearing a high waist black trouser kachomekea a long sleeved white tshirt then katupia a pink blazer kwa juu..na mtandio mweusi..naona kavaa pointy white heels.

 White  peplum top na trouser yake, juu katupia a brown long coat as a cover up na mtando wenye rangi hiyo ya coat.

 An all black outfit kwa ndani, kisha nje kavaa a long vest coat yenye black and white prints.

 Blue trouser na coat lake, amechomekea a black top na mtandio mweusi..without forgetting the white heels, super cute right

 Amevee a long dress yenye slits pembeni, na ndani kavaa a black jeans

 Wide leg blue pants, long orange blouse amefunga mkanda ili isionekane too loose na mtandio dark orange.
Utakuwa umenotice kuwa kwa each and everyone of these outfits, the goal intended apa ni ku-cover up, so unaweza kutumia all the same clothes in your closet na kuzipangilia in way kwamba you will look modest and respectful..This is the perfect time kutumia your long coats, blazers, scarfs, cover-ups and so on.
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