World Sickle Day June 19, 2016

Happy World Sickle Cell Day... Let's join our efforts in awareness and educating the society about SCD. Let's pray for those in hospitals and those who have passed away due to this unbearable condition. Let's pray more for the families and friends for their beloved ones having SCD. 

Sickle Cell remains a burden in Tanzania, which is 5th in the World with the number of individuals with Sickle Cell Disease. 
Understanding the disease would help for instance in seeking professional medical help early on and greatly reduce morbidity and mortality caused by the disease.
❖ Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited disease from BOTH the father AND mother
❖ BOTH parents must at least have the Sickle Cell Trait for them to have a child with Sickle Cell Disease
❖ It is a lifetime disease that currently has no cure
❖ With proper professional medical care, an individual with the disease can live a long and happy life with a career and family
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