Diana Edward Miss Tanzania 2016 aingia fainali za Beauty With A Purpose huko Miss World

Miss Tanzania 2016, Diana Edward, ameingia kwenye fainali za shindano la Beauty With A Purpose ambalo ni sehemu ya mashindano mbalimbali kwenye Miss World.

“I’m not beautiful Yes,I’m not focused Yes,I’m in a vacation Yes,I’m dumb Yes,I’m not up to date Yes. Who knows tomorrow ONLY God can determine your future.Thanks for those who have been and still voting for me and supporting me no matter how much Haters are pushing me back you guys are still holding my hand and lift me up,” ameandika kwenye Instagram.
“Good News My Beauty with a Purpose Documentary for Masai Dondosha Wembe has shined again to TOP 20 waiting for the TOP position and has been said ever since there has never been such a wonderful message to the beauty pageant history of Miss World.Please Keep on voting for your Tanzania’s Best Kept Secret Princess Diana,I love myself though. One rule I was born to shade tears to fight and to become a champion,” ameongeza.
Tuendelee kupiga kura basi ili aibuke mshindi ,tuwe serious kwenye mambo ya Ki Taifa
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