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I've always been interested in media, photography & fashion. I am a freelance TV Presenter, I have worked for both British and African TV stations. Blogging was a creative way to express myself and share information with like minded individuals. This was supposed to be a blog about fashion but it went a little off. Whether it's the latest thing or something from a bygone age, if I like it I'll write about it. All posts are based on my opinions, thoughts and on what may have already been reported in the media. I am not a journalist nor do I aspire to be. I am a blogger who created this site as a hobby. I only report on things that I like or find interesting. I will be sharing with you tips on fashion, beauty & style. I will also be sharing with you some juicy gossip & current affairs ( which will include news, politics & anything that I find interesting to share with you). I love talented people and beautiful things. The languages I use are ENGLISH & SWAHILI. You can use the Google Translator gadget on the top right hand side of the blog if you don't understand a post. I do this cause I have fans who use Swahili and its my language too & where I can translate I do. I hope you enjoy the blog and I always love to hear your comments & feed backs. Feel free contribute. *ENJOY* & Thanks for visiting. JG
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5 comments/maoni:

  1. Napenda sana kazi yako hasa kukuta mwanamke hero kama wewe, tuwahamasishe na wengine

  2. Thank you Aloy Son & Lilian Nabora

  3. Good start for this year, at least you have acknowledged that you are not a journalist and it is a blog
    about what is interesting to you. Good job. Happy New Year! good work

  4. Wooow very proud of you Tina...you came from far and I see bright future ahead of you! Keep up with the good work - Rona J.